Free Education Material for Poor Kids

Eduсаtіоn is thе рrіmаrу ѕоurсе fоr сhіldrеn tо kеер their lіfе safely. This project provides educational material
to poor children up to elementary section. Primary education material required for their studies without any interruption is our goal.
Still, in the USA and over the world, the poor people are unable to provide quality of education to their children.
Un-education or illiteracy may cause lack of knowledge and unemployment. Your donation or shopping on our page will
help our non-profit organization to provide basic needs to children to go to school without any interruption.
We offer books, school uniforms, notebooks, travel charges and health care.


Free Food for Poor Kids

AllAboutTheKidsFoundation is a 100% transparent charity. Donate Rs.18 to feed someone. Within hours,
our team will feed a needy child, take his or her photo, and send it to you as a notification.
You can also see other children who've been fed recently, along with details of who
donated for them, where were they fed and when.


Hospital for Children

AllAboutTheKidsFoundation is a nonprofit organization committed to improving the health and well-being of children
everywhere through philanthropic leadership in support of AllAboutTheKidsFoundation’s Hospital for Children and
its research programs. We execute our mission by providing the financial support to the highest level of clinical care.
Our efforts are only possible if you do shopping in our store or donating money on our donation page.


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What we think

We believe every kid deserves a better tomorrow/future. Being within the U.S. and all over the globe, we give children a well start to life, a learning opportunity and safety from evil. We take necessary risk to do whatever the children need to change their lives and their future positively.

Because of proponent like you, we can give lifesaving and sharp life experiences relief to kids in need. AllAboutTheKidsFoundation is proud of the loyalty we make to kids’ welfare.

What do we do

We will provide CryoSauna for cancer patients and Sickle Cell Anemia. It will be Free for them always with “AllAboutTheKidsFoundation. This equipment will be mobile and will meet at walks, runs, events for FREE treatments and will make it available at various locations throughout the city.

Be a part, Donate

For the past 20 thousand years, kids who come from needy families are under pressure of severe poverty, some kids have been caught up in the crossfire of bitter life experiences, tragedies, and some have witnessed poor rough treatment and hardship they never deserve.

Various families have been caught up in the heat of terror or natural disasters which has left so many kid’s lives traumatized, and kids victimized. AllabouttheKidsFoundation is 100 per cent transparent charity.